The Most Recognized Shirt Ever

Think about people’s shirts. You are probably picturing white dress shirts, golf shirts, t-shirts, sports shirts such as basketball and football jerseys, women’s blouses, maybe even branching out into sweaters but what is the one shirt that almost everyone can recognize and identify with a particular profession? If you are in the medical profession then you know the answer because you are wearing one. That’s right it is scrub tops and people all over the world can recognize them as something doctors, nurses, dentists, technologists, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals wear while working.

If you figure just about everyone goes to see a doctor for one reason or another and just about everywhere in the world people wear scrubs, then it stands as reason to believe the most recognized shirt in the world would be a scrubs shirt. Of course, not all scrubs shirts look alike anymore. It used to be a standard white and then green, now you can get metro scrubs in different colors and patterns. There are designer scrubs, scrubs with school logos that come in school colors, custom made scrubs, form fitting scrubs, and plus size scrubs. Even though you can get all of these different scrubs, they all still look similar enough that you can almost always recognize scrubs on medical professionals even when they are not in the office, hospital or clinic.

One of the benefits about buying scrubs today is that you can buy them online which means anyone from anywhere in the world can buy the same scrubs. If you live in Africa and you were a graduate of Notre Dame you can get your school colors and logo on your next set of scrubs. If you want custom logos for your office or hospital, you can order that from anywhere in the world. You are not limited much due to your location any longer; the internet is an equalizer for fashion.

Along with scrub shirts you can order other accessories that mix and match with the shirts including of course the scrubs pants. Along with the pants you can get jackets, hats and shoes. All of these are also available on the internet.

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